Portable Storage, a narrative feature film. A quirky ensemble comedy/adventure about friendship, online gaming, and portable storage. EP Robert Ikenberry, DP Frazer Bradshaw. Writer/Director/Producer, Sam Burbank. 2016. Watch the trailer here.

Bay Bridge Demo. The Bay Bridge is Coming Down. 2014-2017. Images

Future of Storytelling. The Future of Music: Scott Snibbe. Snibbe, whose artwork resides in the permanent collections of the Whitney and the MoMA, is literally shaping the future of music before our eyes. 2013. Link.

Powering the Future, Discovery Channel 4X1HR HD, 2010. Sam directed and produced the pilot episode "The Energy Revolution." Here is part of a review from the Wall Street Journal:

"Too often films and television programs on energy production and the environment have an apocalyptic tone. Many see humans and their inventions—most notably the wicked internal combustion engine and the fossil fuels that power it—as a pox on the planet. That's why Discovery Channel's new, four-hour series, "Powering the Future"—whose first episode, "The Energy Revolution," airs this Saturday (8 p.m.-10 p.m. EDT)—is so refreshing and, in the truest sense of the word, progressive."

Pits 1X1 HR HD, and feature documentary. Mix the former guitarist from Devo, a huge steam engine, and 10 billion olive pits and you might just solve a problem that has vexed humanity for millennium. Director/Producer, Sam Burbank. 2010.

Collision 1X1 HR HD. The Bay Bridge is smashed by the Cosco Busan. We follow the repair crew as they races to put the bridge back together. Camera John Chater, Sam Burbank, Robert Ikenberry. Director/Producer, Sam Burbank. 2008/2009.

Break It Down: BRIDGE 1X1 HR HD (National Geographic Television Series pilot). The Carquinez bridge was once the world's longest, now she's coming down... the hard way. Writer/Producers, Sam Burbank and Robert Ikenberry. 2007

Uphill Both Ways Music video. Tex Marathon and his Birdwatchers. Director, Sam Burbank. 2006.

Heart of Speed National Geographic Channel (multiple award winner). The life of a motorcycle roadracer, from physical devastation and heartbreak to a national championship. Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank. 2005.

Mondine Music video. Stompy Jones. Director, Sam Burbank. 2005.

The New Race for Space National Geographic Channel (award winner). Four-part series. Private rocket teams race for personal glory and the $10 million dollar X-Prize. Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank. 2004.

From Kyoto to Nashville National Geographic Channel special (CINE Golden Eagle winner). National Geographic sends Sam Burbank to Japan to find the best country western singer. The two head to America to perform in Nashville. Host/Writer/co-Producer/co-Director, Sam Burbank. 2004.

Mars On Earth National Geographic, On Assignment (award winner). NASA heads near the North Pole to learn how to live on Mars. Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank

Wally Funk and The Mercury 13 National Geographic, On Assignment. The search for America's first female astronaut. Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank. 2003.

BioCentury PBS/KTEH and Stanford University. The New Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Biology. Director/Writer, Sam Burbank. 2003.

A Bridge from the Past National Geographic Channel. The proposed world's longest-span bridge. Producer/Director. 2002.

The Mars Desert Research Station National Geographic On Assignment. Three-part series. Sam lives under simulated Mars conditions as part of a NASA research and exploration crew. Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank. 2002.

California Channel Island Fox National Geographic Channel. Two-part documentary on the ecological problems of the California Channel Islands and the new attempts to restore native conditions. Producer/Director/co-Writer, Sam Burbank. 2002.

Renewing The Future National Geographic Channel: Five-part series on the renewable power technologies of the 21st century. Locations in North America, Iceland, and Europe. Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank. 2002.

The Road To Mars Discovery Channel Canada. Canadian Space Agency astronauts and scientists prepare for Mars on Devon Island. Field Producer, Sam Burbank. 2002.

Mars on Earth National Geographic Channel. Four-part series on NASA research and exploration on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic. Producer/Director/Writer 2001.

Arctic Exploration Deutsche Welle. Producer/Cameraman, Sam Burbank. 2001.

The Mars Society Inverse Square Films (award winner). Producer/Director/Writer, Sam Burbank 2000

Devon Island National Geographic Television: The 1999 field season on Devon Island. Field Producer/Cameraman, Sam Burbank. 1999

Intimate Strangers PBS. The microbial world around us (award winner). Four-part series. Lighting Director, Sam Burbank. 1998.