Career #1

I'm not the only one here, right? Please raise your hand if your first career choice didn't stick. Good, thought so. Nearly everyone has the one that got away, right? The love, the big idea... For me in my 20s, that was music.

It all started in first grade. One of the big kids at the school came to our classroom to sing Tony Orlando's "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" for us. He Lip-synched it out of the park, and I was hooked. Those rivited faces! This page is a retrospective of the first career in reverse order.

The Extremophiles. 2003 and onward. Sam Burbank, Frank Schubert, Kelly Snook (and a host of contributers). Read more about The Extremophiles here (Mars Society press release) and here (Article in Digidesign's Digizine).

extrempophiles mission badge

Extremophiles cd cover

Mr. Robinson


Miss You

The Birdwaters. 1995 - 2001

Martian Beauty: $12

Review of Martian Beauty.

Samples from Martian Beauty:

One Cosmonaut

Uphill Both Ways

Birdwatchers first album, "Tales of Raven, Sparrow, and Cuckoo" $NA

"A truly amazing release. One of the strongest debut albums ever." Bucketful of Brains


Up The Hill

Red Weather. Josh and Sam Burbank, Clint Bennett, and Scott Turner. 1986 - 1992

Our only released album, "gray" (88) has a very 80s sound, akin to Japan and The Cure. $10 (limited)

He Likes the Movies